Timber preservation Bridgnorth

At Severn Damp & Timber Preservation, we offer the specialized expertise you need for all timber preservation services in Bridgnorth for both residential and commercial buildings. From dry rot and wet rot to woodworm infestations, we have all of your timber repair needs covered.


Problems we can help with

  • Wet Rot: Caused by high levels of moisture in the wood, often due to poor ventilation, wet rot fungi break down the structural integrity of the timber. While there are many kinds of wet rot fungi, we have the one treatment effective against them all.
  • Dry Rot: When excess moisture gets into the fabric of the building, dry rot (serpula lacrymans) can infiltrate far and wide, including through brick and concrete, to get to your timber. Fast-spreading and highly destructive, it must be handled quickly.
  • Woodworm: A beetle infestation, despite the name, woodworm larvae eat the wood as they grow, causing significant damage. There are many types of woodworm, including wood-boring weevils and furniture beetles, but we can identify and eliminate them.


Timber preservation in Bridgnorth

To ensure the right timber preservation treatments, we will carry out a thorough inspection, finding the cause of the problem and providing a report to ensure you understand it before we move on to the treatment. Treatment may or may not replace the timber depending on the damage as well.


To find out which type of timber preservation in Bridgnorth you need, it’s important to act quickly. Call Severn Damp & Timber Preservation today and we will help as soon as possible.